About Us

Bob Weisman

First Choice Carpentry Owner/Operator
Hi, I’m Bob Weisman, owner and operator of First Choice Carpentry. I’ve been in the home improvement/remodeling business since 1974. I relocated to Knoxville in 1985, and started First Choice Carpentry in 1990. I specialize in custom cabinetry and bathroom/kitchen remodeling. I am proficient in all phases of home improvement, including:

• Complete renovations
• Unfinished basements
• Attic conversions
• Garage conversions

I provide professional consultation for all areas, providing cost-effective and time-efficient plans for current and potential client/customers. For example: I have found that sometimes the customer is unsure of exactly what modifications/improvements are needed, and what can actually be accomplished in their given situation. Very often, they will forego desired ideas because they think it can’t work in their given area. Other times they think their idea will not fit their budget.

I always attempt to learn the customer’s needs and desires for every project, before any ideas are discounted. Most of the time, I’ve been able to find a way to accomplish their desired plans within the given budget. I exhaust resources as necessary searching for ways and sometimes alternative ways to meet the needs and desires of each project.

I strictly adhere to the “golden rule” in conducting my personal and business affairs, and believe in doing what is right, not just what’s “good enough”.